About Us

Experts In Getting The Best Deals

Capital-Deal is your trusted partner in helping you sell your business or get growth funding to expand. We are a Malaysian based organisation built on supporting local companies. As a trusted guide, we can help in preparing and walking you through your business selling and funding journey. We can be there for you, every step of the way.

Our offerings include business consultancy, company valuation, deal sourcing amongst others. Capital-Deal specialises in connecting Malaysian companies especially mid-market companies with sales revenue of more than RM 10 million to local and international investors and buyers. We are experts in the local landscape, and we know how to easily navigate through the processes in this country.

The company’s core belief is that every business is unique in its value, created over years of hard work and financial resources. This belief drives how we conduct our business and how we show up, negotiate, and get the best deals for every client. We are 100% committed in helping our clients to sell their business or get funding for expansion. We want to make this journey easier and a success.

The Team

Our team consist of industry experts with over 10 years of collective experience in business selling and raising capital. Cumulatively, we have successfully sold many companies valued at an average of over RM 50 Million and raised an average of over RM10 Million in capital for multiple organizations.

We have an outstanding reputation amongst the Malaysian business community. Entrepreneurs and businesses can rely on Capital-Deal to execute your business for sale and get growth funding efficiently, with utmost confidentiality.

Get to know our Trusted Experts

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